Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Simple Skincare Products

First off I would like to start with a 'moisturising facial wash'. This product leaves my face feeling smooth and clean. To get the best results when using this product, you have to start by working a small amount into your hands. You then need to massage it onto wet skin and rinse with water. On the back of these products it does say how to use it so you can get the best results. It doesn't really have a scent which is good for people who don't like to use scented facial wash/moisturisers. This can be brought in stores such as Superdrug, but can also be ordered at This is a pearly coloured gel and feels soft on your skin when you massage it into your skin.

My next simple product is a 'smoothing facial scrub'. The difference between this one and the facial wash is that the scrub has bits in, this causes it to remove dead skin cells and helps to keep your skin brighter and more textured. You are meant to use this scrub once a week, unless you have oily skin then you'll need to use it twice a week. When I do use it I apply it before my facial wash. After I use this my skin feels really refreshed. To get the best results when using this product you need to, apply a small amount to your face and neck, making sure its damp and massage in circular motions with your fingertips; avoiding the eye area. You then have to rinse it off with plenty of water.

My last product is 'micellar cleansing wipes'. These are mainly used to remove makeup; this can include waterproof mascara,they get rid of impurities and it instantly hydrates your skin. These wipes gently cleanse and unclog pores. It has a resealable sticker so that the wipes don't dry out. To get the best results when using this product you need to, lift the resealable sticker and remove one wipe. You then gently wipe over your face and neck, to cleanse the skin. It is recommended that you use them in the morning and the evening. After you have used the wipes you need to make sure you reseal the packet properly to make sure they don't dry out. You get 25 wipes in a pack and can be used for any skin types including sensitive skin.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Most Used Lipsticks This Month

One of my favourite items of makeup is lipsticks, so I will share with you what my favourites have been this month.

The lipstick that I have used most this month is one that I got from Avon. It is in the colour 'Proper Pink'. If you are unable to buy it from Avon I think that you might be able to get it in a high street drugstore, like Boots or Superdrug. It is quite a creamy lipstick and moisturizes your lips. It is also quite long lasting. I would describe the colour to be a light pinkie-nude so is good if you are going for a natural make up look. When I wear this I tend to wear a bit of foundation, along with mascara and a brown or gold eye shadow. I think that this is a really nice lipstick for the summer as it is a light coloured lipstick.


I have also been loving a lip butter. This is a lip pen that is in the colour Vintage Rose and is said to have a 'soft and creamy texture that leaves lips feeling moisturised'. I agree that it leaves your lips moisturised but isn't really long lasting. I really like this product but I do have to keep applying it throughout the day.It is a Collection lipstick that I think is a really nice colour as it is a pink. I purchased this from Superdrug and would like to get more colours as they have a wide range.

I have a lip balm that I love to use as it moisturises your lips and it is also pigmented, so is good if you like to have a bit of colour on your lips. It is a Blistex one and is in a pink packaging. This lip balm has a really nice smell, it has a fruity smell and adds a reddish tint to your lips. I got this product from Superdrug and it lasts ages.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Perfume Galore

I have got a few perfumes on my shelf that really stand out to me as amazing. This includes my favourite one which is Storm Flower by Cheryl Cole. This one came in a set with a body wash. This perfume has a citrusy, sweet scent. it lasts all day and people always compliment it. I will definitely repurchase it and I would highly recommend it to you.

 My second favourite perfume at the moment is a Limited Collection one called Bohemia. The description for this one is ' An electric fragrant blend of lemon, blueberry and bergamot with floral heart notes of lily of the valley, mimosa and gardenia drying down to warm aromas of cedar wood, amber and vanilla'. This perfume smells nice for the whole day so you don't have to keep applying it. I have had many compliments whilst wearing this perfume. The packaging is also attractive and I would definitely recommend it.

The next one may be small compared to the others but has lasted me ages. This is one that I used loads when I first got it but forgot about. Since I have found it again I have used it so much. I got this one in a set from the body shop and it’s called ‘Neroli Jasmine’. It lasts ages and is one of my favourites. I would really recommend this one to you. The packaging is also nice which makes the product even better.

I am not as keen on the next one as in my opinion the scent isn't the best. It looks nice but the lid ruins the look a bit. It is called Mirella dreams. It may not be my cup of tea but you may find that it is a really nice perfume that you would purchase for everyday use or just for special occasions.

This last one is another one that I love and use a lot. I think that the packaging is nice and I think that the colours go well together. This one is called Riviera Goddess Body Mist. It lasts really long and I always get compliments when I am wearing it.


Please let me know in the comments of any perfumes that you like as I would like to try out some new ones.


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Best Foundations

My favourite foundation has got to be the 'Maybelline New York Dream Satin liquid'. I like this one as it covers up all redness or spots that I may have on my face. I have got it in the shade ivory but there is a wide range of shades that you can get to suit your skin. My tip for putting this foundation on is to put a bit on your hand and dab it with the brush and carefully rub it in equally on your face. You need to make sure you rub it in properly, so it is equally spread across your face.

Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid

At the moment I have only got one other liquid foundation which I never use as I am not that keen on it. This is because when I apply it, it tends to make it look like I have got marks or blotches on my face, even if I try to rub it in a lot. This one is called 2 true Smooth Matte Foundation. The problem with this is that I got too dark a shade as I have got Shade 4. I might be able to make it work though if I mix it with a lighter shade.

2 true Smooth Matte Foundation


The powder I use the most is the 'Maybelline New York', it is a pressed powder, number 120 in the shade, classic ivory. This is the perfect match for my skin and I love it. This one covers any smears that you may have from your concealer or liquid foundation.

Maybelline New York

I also really like a 'Colour Trend' foundation. This one is also a pressed powder and is also a really good match for my face. This foundation is in the shade ivory and is from Avon cosmetics. If you are only a beginner with makeup I would recommend this foundation as it is not too dark and doesn't make a massive difference to your face if you put it on with no other foundation.

Colour Trend

Revolution pressed powder is another new one that I use but not that often. This foundation I found left some light brownish marks on my face. The good thing with this one is that it has got a mirror on the back and a pad to apply it with.