Thursday, 16 June 2016

Cosmetic Fairy Purchases

I have recently purchased some items from a website called Cosmetic Fairy and this is a website which sells decent makeup for less money. On this website when you spend £5.00 you are given a free gift. Once you spend £10.00 you get free delivery on top of the free gift. When you spend £15.00 you get a second free gift and when you spend £20.00 you get an offer on top of everything else.

The first item that I bought was a 'Fashionista custom design empty mirrored palette- black' and this was 99p. This is a small black, plastic palette which is for single eyeshadows or blushers. On the top of the palette it says Fashionista in a dark grey in different sizes. It has a decent mirror that you can see when you open it. As I had 4 loose eyeshadows I decided to put these in there. Although, there are 4 holes in the bottom under each section so I had to put a plain piece of card in each of the sections to make sure they didn't fall out.

The second product in which I bought was a 'L'oreal color riche gel infused eyeshadow little beiuge dress 206 (nude)'. This was £2.95. When I received this  it was smashed. This eyeshadow is very pigmented and this is my go to eyeshadow at the moment. It is a shimmery nude and I find that it looks really nice with a neutral look. I love the packaging and it has a clear top which is surrounded by a gold boarder and says 'L'oreal Paris' in gold writing on the square.

I bought two lip-glosses. The first one was the 'L'oreal caresse lip-gloss Eve 400'. This was only 99p but is very good quality and I love the packaging. It is gold and between the product and the applicator it shows what the colour is like. When I first got it I thought that the colour was too bright for me but once I applied it to my lips I loved it. The second lip-gloss I purchased was 'L'oreal glam shine 6ml lip-gloss juicy rose glow 400' and this one was £3.49. This mainly adds a shine to your lips so it goes really nicely with neutral makeup or even if you aren't wearing makeup it would look nice. I like the packaging, it has a silver top and you can just see the product on the bottom section. Again, this product isn't sticky and doesn't feel heavy on your lips, It is long lasting and is nice to wear on a day-to-day basis.

I purchased 2 nail varnishes with this order and the first one is the 'L'oreal color riche  nail polish varnish sex on the peach 306' and this is a light peachy colour. I only had to put a couple of coats on to get the colour out properly which I love. If you want it to last longer before it starts to chip you just need to put a clear top layer ontop of it once it dries, like you do with other nail varnishes. The packaging is really nice as it has  a gold lid and the bottom it is see-through so that the nail varnish can be seen. The second nailvarnish I purchased was the 'L'oreal color riche nail varnish Marie Antoinette 202' which was also 99p. This is again great quality and has the same packaging. This is a light pink nail varnish and it again only needed a couple of coats.

Sex on the Peach
Marie Antoine

The last product I got was my free gift and it was the 'Constance Carroll CCUK kohl eyeliner pencil black 1'. I found that this was easy to use. It has plain black packaging with gold writing and a clear lid. This is a good quality product.

Altogether I spent £10.40 with free shipping  and also earned 40 fairy points. Even though these products are cheaper they are still great quality.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Lotusy Aloe Facial Mask Sheet Review

I have recently tried out the Lotus Aloe Facial Mask and I loved it. It is easy to use and it has a fresh scent. I also love the packaging as it is not complicated, it is white with green and black on it. This is something I would personally find eye catching if I saw it in a shop.

I find that when you use it your face it feels much fresher than it did before and it also leaves your face feeling smooth. It has got pictures on the back of the packaging along with directions, cautions and ingredients. I find this helpful and it is simple so it is easy to understand. It also came with a leaflet that had some writing on, including ingredients etc.

You have to wash your face and unfold the cloth mask and place it on your face. You have to do this carefully as you don't want to damage/ rip the mask before you use it. You have to leave it on for 15-20minutes. You then take it off but you are not meant to rinse off the excess moisture that is left on your face, you need to leave it so that it can be absorbed. This is said to deeply  moisturize and condition the skin using concentrated natural plant extracts that help the skin absorb nutrients.

When I first got this product I didn't really know what to expect, and it was a mask to put over your face that had a hole where your mouth, nose and eyes would be. I also found that it stays on your face really well. This product contains ingredients that are good for your skin. I would definitely repurchase this item again.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Hair Products

Recently I have brought a few new hair products and they include the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner, as well as Tresemm√©  shampoo and conditioner.

The John Frieda Dream Curls shampoo is a Frizz Ease product and is said that it 'cleanses and adds hydration for salon-perfect curls'. On the back of the bottle it says that it 'defines and enhances curls' and I can definitely see the difference in my hair when I use it. My hair definitely isn't as frizzy as it usually is. When I use this I also use my Frizz Ease, Dream Curls conditioner.  This one is said to 'detangle for defined, salon-perfect curls' and that it 'defines, enhances and moisturises curls'. With these two products my hair feels softer and doesn't look frizzy. It has a fresh sweet scent and they both have the same packaging. The packaging is a grey, silvery colour; with blue and purple on the front. I found when I brought it that I was drawn to it in the shop because of this. You obviously need to start with the shampoo and apply it to wet hair, lather and rinse well. You then follow on with the conditioner, for this you just need to smooth the conditioner through wet hair and rinse well. I tend to leave it in for a bit just so it can work properly.

I have also got the Tresemm√© shampoo and conditioner. They have a sweet, fruity scent. The shampoo is in a black bottle with a bit of white, silver and green. This is supposed to 'cleanse and remove build up'.  It is 'multi-vitamin, deep cleansing for all hair types'. You just have to apply to wet hair from roots to ends. You then need to work it into a lather and gently massage the scalp. After that, you need to rinse thoroughly and then use the Tresemm√© conditioner. This is in a white bottle with a bit of green, silver and black. It is said to 'replenish hair's vitality'. It contains pro vitamins b5 and aloe and it is said to re-moisturise for all hair types. The way that they recommend using this product is to rub in the conditioner from mid lengths to ends and then run a comb or your fingers through your hair from roots to tips to detangle and work into hair. You should leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. This makes your hair feel smooth and look amazing.

Monday, 15 February 2016

My Make Up Routine

I usually do the same make up routine in the mornings. I start with my liquid foundation, which is usually my Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid and I apply this by squirting some onto the back of my hand. I then use my foundation brush to apply it to my face.  I make sure that it is equally rubbed into my face so there are no patches.

After that I use my Make up Academy Pro-Base Eye Primer and just evenly put that on my eyelid using my finger. This is just to help keep my eye shadow on for longer.


I then use the Maybelline New York Pressed Powder and brush it all over my face including my eyelids. If you don't put some on your eyelids then they are going to be lighter than the rest of your face.

The eye shadow I apply next is usually the Revolution Makeup Revolution London and I use a smallish, fluffy eye shadow brush to apply it with and just put it on my eyelid. I sometimes use more than one colour. The colour I usually use is a gold or brown shade.

Once I have applied this and I am happy with it I then apply my mascara; this is usually my MUA lash boom and my Make up Gallery Never Ending Story lengthening mascara . I find that they go really well together.

The last thing that I do make up wise is apply my lip gloss or lip stick. I like to use either a nude or light pink shade. These two are probably my favourites at the moment.

This is the end of my daily make up routine.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Zoella Products

Zoella is one of my favourite youtubers and I was given some of her products for Christmas. These 3 products came in a set, including a body mist, a body lotion and a head band. The packaging in which contains these products is eye catching and the colours that are on it go well together.

The perfume bottle looks very attractive and the colours look nice together. The bottle is clear and there are small white dots on the back of the bottle. This perfume is called 'Blissful Mistful' which is written in gold on the front. It has a fruity, fresh scent.

The body lotion in this set is called 'Creamy Madly Dreamy'. It is attractive packaging, It has a pretty gold pattern on the top and bottom of the tube and has a pink lid. This product is a good size, it is quite small so you can fit it into your handbag without taking up much space; or if you want to take it away with you it is easy to fit in a small bag. This body lotion makes your skin smell nice and it makes it smooth. It has a creamy texture and scent.

I use the head band to keep my hair out of my face when I am using face masks and sometimes when I am applying my make up. This helps as it prevents face mask and make up, such as, foundation, from getting in your hair. I think that the colours are really nice.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

T-Zone Pore Strips

I recently brought some T-Zone face pore strips from Superdrug. The ones that I brought came in a pack of 6 and they are meant to 'Grab blackheads and spot causing bacteria and lifts them clean away.'


They are very easy to use as you just have to wet the part of your face in which you are putting the strips. You then take the whole strip off of the plastic, and place them on to the wet patch and press it on. Once you have done this you need to leave it on for about 10 minutes so that it can dry. You will be able to tell when they are ready to remove when they become stiff. You have to slowly remove the strips, starting at the edges. If I am being honest it did hurt a bit when I was removing it but it didn't hurt too much. I found that these didn't really work as it only took a couple blackheads off.

Studio Lip gloss

For Christmas I was given a set of 3 Studio lip glosses, and they came in a cute little box. There are three different colours and they are nude, purple and red.

The one that I use the most is the nude one as, when I do my make up I usually go for what some people may call 'safe colours'. I tend to go for the nudes and light pinks for my lips and light brown/nude colours for my eyes. I love using this one and use it most days.

The other two I don't use as much and that is because they are quite bright and pigmented. Although, I saw in a makeup hacks video on YouTube that said if you put powder on top of the lip gloss it will look like a matte lipstick; so I gave it a go and I loved it. I used my pressed powder that you may have seen in one of my other blog posts and I just put it on top of my lip gloss and it also made it last even longer. A good thing about theses lip glosses is that they last and don't come off when you have a drink; they last even longer with the powder on them. So if you have got any lip glosses that you think are too bright for you then try this as you may end up loving it.