Thursday, 22 October 2015

Most Used Lipsticks This Month

One of my favourite items of makeup is lipsticks, so I will share with you what my favourites have been this month.

The lipstick that I have used most this month is one that I got from Avon. It is in the colour 'Proper Pink'. If you are unable to buy it from Avon I think that you might be able to get it in a high street drugstore, like Boots or Superdrug. It is quite a creamy lipstick and moisturizes your lips. It is also quite long lasting. I would describe the colour to be a light pinkie-nude so is good if you are going for a natural make up look. When I wear this I tend to wear a bit of foundation, along with mascara and a brown or gold eye shadow. I think that this is a really nice lipstick for the summer as it is a light coloured lipstick.


I have also been loving a lip butter. This is a lip pen that is in the colour Vintage Rose and is said to have a 'soft and creamy texture that leaves lips feeling moisturised'. I agree that it leaves your lips moisturised but isn't really long lasting. I really like this product but I do have to keep applying it throughout the day.It is a Collection lipstick that I think is a really nice colour as it is a pink. I purchased this from Superdrug and would like to get more colours as they have a wide range.

I have a lip balm that I love to use as it moisturises your lips and it is also pigmented, so is good if you like to have a bit of colour on your lips. It is a Blistex one and is in a pink packaging. This lip balm has a really nice smell, it has a fruity smell and adds a reddish tint to your lips. I got this product from Superdrug and it lasts ages.

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