Thursday, 28 January 2016

Studio Lip gloss

For Christmas I was given a set of 3 Studio lip glosses, and they came in a cute little box. There are three different colours and they are nude, purple and red.

The one that I use the most is the nude one as, when I do my make up I usually go for what some people may call 'safe colours'. I tend to go for the nudes and light pinks for my lips and light brown/nude colours for my eyes. I love using this one and use it most days.

The other two I don't use as much and that is because they are quite bright and pigmented. Although, I saw in a makeup hacks video on YouTube that said if you put powder on top of the lip gloss it will look like a matte lipstick; so I gave it a go and I loved it. I used my pressed powder that you may have seen in one of my other blog posts and I just put it on top of my lip gloss and it also made it last even longer. A good thing about theses lip glosses is that they last and don't come off when you have a drink; they last even longer with the powder on them. So if you have got any lip glosses that you think are too bright for you then try this as you may end up loving it.

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