Monday, 15 February 2016

My Make Up Routine

I usually do the same make up routine in the mornings. I start with my liquid foundation, which is usually my Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid and I apply this by squirting some onto the back of my hand. I then use my foundation brush to apply it to my face.  I make sure that it is equally rubbed into my face so there are no patches.

After that I use my Make up Academy Pro-Base Eye Primer and just evenly put that on my eyelid using my finger. This is just to help keep my eye shadow on for longer.


I then use the Maybelline New York Pressed Powder and brush it all over my face including my eyelids. If you don't put some on your eyelids then they are going to be lighter than the rest of your face.

The eye shadow I apply next is usually the Revolution Makeup Revolution London and I use a smallish, fluffy eye shadow brush to apply it with and just put it on my eyelid. I sometimes use more than one colour. The colour I usually use is a gold or brown shade.

Once I have applied this and I am happy with it I then apply my mascara; this is usually my MUA lash boom and my Make up Gallery Never Ending Story lengthening mascara . I find that they go really well together.

The last thing that I do make up wise is apply my lip gloss or lip stick. I like to use either a nude or light pink shade. These two are probably my favourites at the moment.

This is the end of my daily make up routine.

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